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The latest achievement regarding patient-transfer-systems: the brand new PTS EVO-BOARD, made by experts for experts. This rollboard represents the easiest and best way in shifting patients. It helps preventing back-injuries to the nurse and provides a comfortable, secure and time-efficient transfer of patients. The rollboard has set the standard in durability and, with its soft and flexible body, should be superior to any other of such transfer-systems. It is available in two different sizes, covering all possible demands.

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The rollboard experts

"Over 50.000 Rollboards sold until today"

"Introduced in the 80´s in Germany"

"From the pioneer of manual patient transfer systems"

Corporate Identity and Mission Statement

PTS Patient Transfer Systems LLC is the sole importer of Transatlantic Handelsgesellschaft Stolpe products into the United States. Developed and manufactured in Germany, and based on 30 years experience, these new and highly innovative products were  introduced last year. More than 50,000 of these rollboards and their forerunner  models have already been sold in Europe.

Our motto: We help you to help people

To us, real help means providing the utmost in safety for patients and for caregivers. All users of our products have appreciated their safety features as well as their ease and comfort of use. These products embody a strong belief in excellence and a value that underlines the manufacturer’s continual striving for perfection. Transatlantic Handelsgesellschaft Stolpe aims to set the industry standard in durability and cost efficiency. The goal is to support the client with products that can be used trouble-free over the course of a long workday. They require little maintenance, and of course can be cleaned effortlessly.

The crucial criterion of infection control has been a constant consideration throughout all stages of design, development, construction and heavy stress testing. The highest ergonomic principles were also a top priority, so that users will be pleasantly surprised by the handling abilities of the products – soft yet tough, lightweight, and foldable for convenient transport and storage.

In short, these products meet all requirements for transferring patients in modern hospitals: even extremely heavy patients are not a problem.

The latest technologies have been used in order to make these rollboards free of screws, hinges and all other metal or plastic parts, resulting in a perfect MRI-compatibility.




Green gliding foil


Available in standard ‘long’ style, or mini ‘short’ style.

standard size – 71x20 inches (folded 35.5x20 inch) - 4500030

mini – 37x20 inches (folded 19x20 inch) - 4500028

  • The only boards being able to carry a patient
  • Suitable also to keep and to support the patient in an upright position
  • Ergonomically designed dual handles grips at both ends
  • Foldable for easy transport, storage and handling
  • Sleek one piece integrated board design
  • Soft yet tough, light weight
  • Kevlar-strips inserted for outstanding strength and warp-resistance
  • Safe for punctual ballast of up to 440 lbs. and a total of approx. 660 lbs.
  • Free of rollers and mechanical parts; therefore, maintenance free
  • Entirely latex-free
  • No screws, magnetic or plastic parts
  • Fully radiolucent and High-Tec-MRI-compatible
  • Flame retardant
  • Easy to be cleaned, wipeable with normal non-abrasive disinfectant cleaners
  • No corners, ridges, gaps or hinges, where bacteria or fungus can form
  • Long-life Silver Cover Foil with highly antibacterial coating
  • Highly supportive to infection control
  • Hygienical Green Gliding Foil (add-on or in lieu of Silver Foil and Blue Casing)
  • Compatible to soft- and air-mattresses
  • Ideal for adiposity-patients
  • RFID-tag for identification of age, date of make, batch-no., etc.



Blue Casing

The Blue Casing can always stay on the board and ensures the extreme smooth and easy gliding/rolling effect of the Silver Cover Foil. Removable and fully washable. Teflon-coated for outstanding durability; non-shrinkable. Included in the product package.



This foil grants the utmost support, safety, ease and comfort by shifting a patient.  Whenever required, it may be highly conveniently removed and be cleaned with standard detergents; for sterilization use professional products of your own choice. Please note the “irregular” seams of the Silver Cover Foil for a superior “soft start”. Included in the product package.



(add-on or to replace the Silver Cover Foil and the Blue Casing) The Green Gliding Foil (off a roll, supplying 60 pieces) is a disposable product, highly appropriate if a one-time use of a hygienic cover is required. Add-on to the product package.

  • Feasible as a protection cover (slid over the Silver Cover Foil)
  • Alternatively, usable in lieu of the Silver Cover Foil and the Blue Casing
  • Extraordinary hygienic medical device
  • Unique slip-surface
  • Disposable and meant for single use



The XXL-Carry-Cloth additionally supports the nurses, to shift, transfer and to carry patients. Advisable for the handling of extremely heavy or wounded patients. Accordingly, most helpful in emergency- and rescue-situations. Add-on to the product package.

  • In combination with the rollboards a unique add-on
  • Carries a ballast of up to 900 lbs.
  • Can stay under the patient at all times
  • Absorbs up to one gallon of liquid
  • Waterproof

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